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Online Coaching with Molly Minney

Meet Molly! 

Nutrition Specialist & Wellness Coach 


Hey Queens! I'm a coach who is passionate about helping women achieving sustainable results through nutrition, exercise and wellness!

I have had a life long journey of learning how to become whole through, nutrition, fitness and life experiences that incorporate all parts of the human experience.


I know through experience that taking the time and investing in yourself isn't an easy step to take but, a courageous one. 

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What I Specialize In

Individualized Fitness Program 

Establish Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Wellness Goals

Personalized Nutrition Plan


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Let's Get Started Today!

If you’re looking to elevate your life, feel better, have more energy, set goals, make routines, and not get so overwhelmed that you quit? Then here’s your sign…get started with Molly. (10/10 recommend both nutrition and fitness) Molly has a magical way of easing you into change so that is is sustainable. I am the queen of giving up because I get so overwhelmed. But Molly has started very slow and has only let me bite off as much as I can chew. She helped me choose my own meals based on my current diet. Nothing I eat is boring, and I have options if I change my mind. She has an app that mainstreams EVERYTHING. It’s very easy to track everything - down to the shopping list!! I’m still fairly new with her, but I signed up for 6 months and I’m excited to see how much I grow as a person from this journey!!!

- Jessica F.

Don’t debate working with, Molly, do it! Your won’t regret it. Molly’s approach to fitness is different from your average fitness coach looking to support you in your weight loss goals. A major focus to Molly’s coaching style is a mental wellness. I did not understand it until she took me on as a client. Honestly, I thought it was the typical “ you got this” “keep it up” “you’re doing great” “Stick with it” pep talks. NOPE, not with my girl, Molly. She will help you identify what your struggling with mentally. You will overcome the doubt. You will become happier & confident with yourself. Her mental wellness, I’m my opinion, is what separates her from all other coaches. Her plans are specific to YOU. She does not compare you to other clients. YOU are her focus. We focused on nutrition and mental wellness. First, she takes a slower approach to losing weight. BE PATIENT! This will help you maintain your weight loss and keep it off. She’ll teach you how to balance your health and wellness when life gives you the highs and lows. I’ve lost close to 20lbs in seven months, and I am keeping the weight off! I am healthier, happier and more confident than I ever been. Be ready for a lifestyle change. Second- she will help you customize your meal plan to your specific taste/needs. She will help you to improve your recipes by swapping little things out, making them healthier without sacrificing taste. You don’t eliminate anything you don’t want to. Molly helped me identify my gluten and dairy intolerance. I was ALWAYS feeling bloated, tired and uncomfortable. First we cut out gluten for gluten free products (there are so many tasty product out now days) I saw and felt a big change within a week. As time went on, I was still bloating. I wasn’t sure what was causing it. Again, Molly identified dairy as the corporate, and we me eliminated it. I swapped diary for non dairy cheese (tastier than I imagined) and milk. That was a game changer! I no longer feel bloated and tired. My waistline is slim. Mind blowing. I need to caveat, I wasn’t eating a ton of gluten and dairy. I was eating my caloric intake, for my needs. I didn’t realize my digestive system couldn’t tolerate these things. But, Molly listens! Making it possible in recognizing these issues. After eliminating dairy and gluten, this is the best my body has ever felt. Third- mental wellness! Molly helps to reprogram (her words) your mindset! I always felt guilty after eating a cheat meal or having too many carbs or too much sugar. The guilt plagued me. I didn’t realize how bad my relationship with food was. Through my journey with Molly, I was open and honest about what I struggled with. I felt embarrassment and shame expressing how I felt about food, especially speaking it aloud. Molly’s warm light quickly redirected that negative energy into a positive experience. Her energy is so up lifting and encouraging. She reassured me there was nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. She picked me up when I was down and hasn’t let me fall since. Be prepared for affirmations! Yes, she gave me affirmation to say to myself when I felt guilty or down about food. I felt corny and uncomfortable saying them to myself. BUT, after a week of doing them I felt the difference in my thought process. My relationship with food has changed. I don’t feel guilty about what I eat. Now I use affirmations in all aspects of my life because the WORK. They have helped me grow and improve different areas of my life. I’m more confident because of them. I recommend them to my friends and family who are open to trying it. Lastly, you’re not just getting the Health & Wellness Coach with Molly. You are getting a champion of women who will inspire and lift you up. She is intelligent and FUNNY. You will look forward to your meeting with her. Most importantly, you will learn how passionate she is about working with you. She is incredible at what she does. I can’t express how much she’s helped me to grow and development into a better version of myself; The version I’ve always knew I could be. If you’re ready to make life changes. Molly is your girl to lead you in this new journey.

- Ambrial A.

Molly was terrific from the start. She was very direct and professional about the expectations and planning of my goals. My goal is to lose weight while gaining more mobility and strength. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise. She is always checking in on me about food intake.


STRETCHING: I never saw the value in stretching and in the past, I would just skip it all together at the end of workout. Not only did Molly educate me on why stretching was so important, but she also shows me. So not only do I get a great workout, but at the end (my fav) she will stretch me. She has a very welcoming personality and easy to talk to. She is reliable, mature, and punctual. I have had 6 weeks working out with her and so far I have notice a significant increase in my stamina and strength. My girlfriend shared that she can see an increase in my energy and mobility. She also took notice of more leg muscle. I’m in my late 30’s/F and noticed my body can’t perform as well as it used to. So, I made a commitment and that was to lose weight and be a healthier me- I am very satisfied with the investment I have made in personal training. Thank you again Molly.

-Teresa M.

I started working with Molly after years of yo-yo dieting, crash dieting, and having a negative relationship with my body. I constantly beat myself up for every food choice I made and felt at war for wanting to be thin but also wanting to live my life and eat what I enjoyed. I always thought that going out to eat at restaurants, drinking beer, and eating carbs wasn’t possible if I wanted to be fit and thin. It caused a significant amount of mental and physical stress for me feeling like I had to decide between the things I enjoyed and the discipline required to meet my goals. After working with Molly, she educated me on how food interacts with the body and helped me understand that it was still possible to eat the things I love and not derail my progress. She completely turned everything I thought I knew about dieting and being healthy on its head and taught me the fundamentals of nutrition and how I could find my own happy medium between the foods I love and foods that fueled my progress.


Molly helped me design a nutrition and fitness program that worked for ME and not just some one-size-fits-all plan that I had been so accustomed to. I struggle with consistency and “staying on the wagon” and she helped me understand that progress ebbs and flows and it isn’t always a perfect straight upwards line. I stopped punishing myself for every time I drank a few beers on the weekend or exceeded my macros and instead, I started to accept that it was an enjoyable experience and I moved on without guilt. The next day, I started over and hit my macros and just kept going. My whole life I put immense pressure on myself for trying to have perfect diet and a perfect workout routine and I finally realized there is no “perfect” and it’s more important to just show up and do your best and everything falls in to place. 


I am so much happier, confident and secure in my body, even though I’m not as thin or as fit as I wanted myself to be but where I am at now is so much better than what I envisioned. I can finally look at myself in a mirror or in a bikini and feel confident knowing that I am taking care of my body in a truly healthful way and not a restrictive, guilt-ridden way. Molly was so much more than a nutrition or wellness coach for me - she helped me evolve my relationship with my body and with food through affirmations, accountability, and all-around kindness and I feel like I have the tools I need to continue this journey and be healthy while also still enjoying my life the way I want to. 

- Alex L.

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