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It's All about Nutrition

Or is it? We seem to only focus on two things when we want to look better or drop some pounds it's usually exercising more and eating less. But we forget we are more than what we eat and what we do. But first we'll focus on how nutrition can heal the body and mind. 

Nutrition To Heal The Body 

Nutrition is not only about what we eat, but also, about how it fuels our bodies. It also includes how what we eat affects our mood, mental health, hormones and physical health! 

This is called the mind-gut connection! Which is absolutely fascinating and we will cover the mind-gut connection further in our sessions. We would first need to see what we're eating and how it could possibly either working with your body or against your body.

Most women don't know what to eat for their body's (how much protein, fats, carbs, or what energy is required) these factors that are unknown leave you reading mountains of blogs and no real tools to get your started on how food can work with you instead of having you restrict everything to get the "body" you want or the sustainable results you want!

Thats why I'm here to help you filter through the nonsense and get you straight to what you need, results. 


Why Nutrition Is Personal

We are all aware that there is no one size fits all when it comes to health. So nether should your workout program or your nutrition program.

We have so many different factors that influence our daily lives, so many different focuses, stressors, and priorities. Thats why your program and health will always look different then someones else's no matter what you hear or see on social media! 

I'm here to help you learn and gain the tools you need to become successful on your journey! We take the time to really learn what works for you, how your body responds to food, how you enjoy moving and have a better relationship with your body and food!

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